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Province of Quebec Airsoft Club
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Saturday, September 16, 2006 @ 09:00 hrs
Location: Warzone Paintball
This will be a regular PQAC game
Operation Sand Storm
2004/10/06@14:30 by x-ray

October 30-31, 2004
Quebec City, QC

Be part of the first ever Airsoft event in Canada organized with support from a Canadian Forces unit. In Operation Sand Storm, you will be teamed up with 20 soldiers returning from Afghanistan for an airsoft milsim event that will make everything else seem like a game!

The scenario for Operation Sand Storm is based on actual declassified events and missions performed by soldiers from the Royal 22nd Regiment while deployed in Afghanistan. The soldiers/players who are organizing this event were actually on these missions and they will be your guides throughout as the story unfolds.

Sign up now

Operation Sand Storm is sponsored by X-treme Precision, PQAC Airsoft, and ASGKCanada and put on with support from members of the Canadian Armed forces.
PQAC Presents: The Crimson Saga
2004/08/12@12:15 by x-ray

The Crimson Saga will be a series of interlinked games beginning with Crimson Hunt on Sunday August 15th and culminating in a 24 hours scenario dubbed Crimson Pegasus on the weekend of October 16th and 17th.

The games scheduled to be a part of the Crimson Saga are:
  • Sunday August 15th : Crimson Hunt
  • Sunday August 29th: (Name TBD)
  • September 25th-26th: Nighthawk 4 (12 hours night game)
  • October 16th-17th: Crimson Pegasus (24 hour game)
The idea is that the results of each game will shape the story of the next one; i.e. objectives that are captured or accomplished in one game will affect the story line of the next game.

So stay with us and don’t miss a game as the Crimson Saga unfolds

The PQAC is Proud to Announce the Addition of its Newest Field
2004/07/22@14:00 by x-ray

STORM MOUNTAIN is located in Lachute on the site of Mission Paintball and NEW WORLD RAFTING. Through an exclusive arrangement with the land and field owner, the PQAC is expanding its offering of fields. This facility has challenging terrain and interesting sets of buildings and trenches. The owner has put in a lot of time and effort into his facility and is happy to make available his installations to the PQAC and its members.

Images can be found here
The LZ is fully operational
2004/07/22@13:50 by x-ray

The PQAC is pround to annouce that the LZ is fully operational, the LZ is the official PQAC sister field in Ottawa.

THe owner is Jackal, a great guy with lots of ideas....and what it seems ressourses. He has transformed his field from a very playable field last year to a full force mega field open to the general airsoft player base. This guy knows what he is doing......and we go there as much as we can.

Games are usually on Saturdays, please visit www.airsoftottawa.com for scheduling.

Stay tuned for PQAC carpooling to this great facility!

Pics can be found Here and Here
PQAC Secures Sponsors for 2004 Season
2004/03/26@16:00 by x-ray
We proud to announce that we have secured sponsorships for the club from major Canadian retailers: Extreme Precision and Dave’s Army Surplus. These sponsors will be supporting our activities and events with discounts on merchandise and prize throughout the year.

Regular and Premium members will get a 15% discount on purchases at either of the retailers.

For more information, visit our Sponsor’s Page or our Membership Page
RED VS BLUE Format for the PQAC 2004 Airsoft Season
2004/03/04@14:15 by x-ray

After a period of R&D at the end of the last season, the PQAC has decided to implement the Red vs Blue format for regular 2004 airsoft season.

The main reason for choosing this format is to eliminate the “bad guy vs good guy” paradigm. In the past, day scenarios were written like this and the same crews always ended up playing the same roles.

By using the Red vs Blue format, this will allow the PQAC organizers more flexibility in the design of scenarios, and allow each side to be whatever they choose to be: there will be no US or Soviet groups. Therefore to reinforce this format, at the start of each gaming day, teams will be handed out a base flag with their respective color (like a country flag). To make this even more interesting, players are encouraged to make Velcro flags for their uniforms and gear (like the subdued American flag commonly seen on uniforms and rigs). The PQAC can also supply these flags, complete with Velcro backing, to interested players at a relatively low cost. Eventually, players will associate with a color or flag and we hope this will bring us closer to creating our own universe with its own history.

Like last year, scenarios in the 2004 season will be threads that are linked to each other, meaning that the outcome of one will affect the beginning of the next.

NOTE: For major events like Centra Spike, OPCT, and Nighthawk, this format will usually not apply. The usual NATO, OPFOR, CARTEL, etc will remain in effect in accordance with the scenario.

Operation Centra Spike 2
2004/03/04@12:50 by x-ray

May 15-16 2004

Operation Centra Spike is a Next Level milsim game hosted by the PQAC. It is an immersive role playing experience where the focus is put on realism. Players will be asked to play a role, as well equip, dress themselves, and act accordingly.
Vondnik Joins The PQAC Team
2004/02/16@19:00 by x-ray
We are proud to announce that Vondnik has joined the PQAC ranks. His positive attitude and commitment to the sport, in only a short year, is exemplary. However he demarks himself in his desire to help grow the sport in a safe and fun environment. Vondnik will certainly be an asset to the PQAC. As well as participating in the administration of games and events, Vondnik will help develop new players in the French community.

Vondnik, glad to have you!

The PQAC admins.
You must be at least 16 yrs old to play
2002/09/20@16:00 by x-ray
At last Sunday's game there was some confusion as to how old you have to be to play. So I'm stating it here explicitly: you must be at least 16 yrs old to play in PQAC events.
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